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Text WOW to 94502 to see it in action.

1. Sign Up

Our texting plans are designed with you in mind. Plans can support your team of 5, your entire organization, and even millions of your users.

2. Create a keyword

Keywords are a great way to let your contacts know who the message is coming from.

3. Send a text message

Send your text message to one or one million contacts. Get your message out there fast!

Ditch the emails

With email open rates of 30%, your message just isn’t getting read.

98% of texts are opened, with 90% opened within 3 seconds!

Your Alerts

With Mobilize US you can alert your lists instantly. Within a few minutes your entire organization can be alerted of urgent communication. From dangerous situations to general safety precautions ensure your audience is getting informed.

Your Notifications

With Mobilize US you can keep your staff, team, or community up-to-date with notifications. Send that daily inspirational quote to your team, let your staff know that the office is closed for the day, and even let your community know about upcoming event updates.


of text messages are read within 2 minutes

the average of seconds for a text response time


of consumers say they would like to receive offers from businesses via text

J.J. Boudoin - Team Manager
“I love it because of its reliability – the text messages are received by EVERY phone, including the ones that are on local non-mainstream service providers. This service has become so valuable to my team that my entire league is looking at adopting the service as a form of communication to all the team managers.”

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