At the intersection of productivity and efficiency is a growing trend – converting time-sensitive alerts and loyalty updates to text rather than email in order to reach a text-savvy audience who prefers to receive real-time text updates.

In a tech-dependent era in which cell phones are usually no more than an arm’s length away, a promotional text or company-wide alert via text is no more unusual or intrusive than the countless stream of news alerts, direct messages, and notifications that light up our devices. In fact, text alerts are the preferred mode of communication for many consumers and business leaders.

Studies show that text marketing is unparalleled in its effectiveness and that many consumers prefer text engagement over other modes of communication. Whether you are considering supplementing your current outreach efforts with instantaneous, automated marketing campaigns or revamping your marketing efforts completely, we are here to help.


SMS engagement rates are six to eight times higher than email marketing engagement rates.

(Retail Dive, 2018)

This means for every 10 people you engage through email marketing campaigns, you could be engaging 60-80 people through text campaigns. In other words, text marketing could increase your consumer engagement by more than 50%.

48% of U.S. consumers prefer SMS loyalty communication over direct mail, email, or application loyalty communications.

(eMarketer, 2016)

There is a growing trend of consumers who prefer to receive instant, direct communication from businesses rather than through direct mail or email. In the same study, 20% of consumers indicated their preference for in-app notifications – which means only 30% of all consumers polled preferred either email or snail mail.

9 out of 10 consumers would like to communicate with businesses through text message, whether this be through sending alerts, reminders, back and forth communication, etc.


As more businesses jump on the text-marketing bandwagon, this growing trend will soon become the norm. We can help you jump ahead of the curve by implementing automated text-marketing campaigns into your company’s marketing strategy. 

80% of people use texting for business purposes.


When the world is literally at your fingertips, it’s easy to fire off a text to a client, friend, vendor, or business associate and receive the information you’re looking for all within a matter of minutes. That is why so many people indicate that they use texting for business purposes.

Texting represents a direct line to another person in a way that email no longer seems to represent. Texting is both personal and casual, straightforward and accessible, easy and efficient. Consumers are accustomed to sending and receiving texts all day long. If you want to make sure your communication does not go unnoticed, connect with your audience in a way that is familiar and comfortable to them.

20% of marketing leaders plan on using SMS in their marketing strategies in the next 12 months.


Statistics show that one out of five brands will implement SMS marketing strategies over the next year in order to keep up with the growing trend and noticeable uptick in engagement brought on by text marketing campaigns. You could represent the 20% of marketing leaders who are ahead of the marketing game by integrating text-marketing into your existing strategies. 

If you are ready to elevate your audience engagement and see tangible results, sign up for an account!

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