It’s almost that time of year again – Small Business Saturday – when consumers across the country will flock to support small businesses. For business owners and managers, this unofficial holiday is a prime opportunity to leverage text-marketing to drive up sales and opt thousands of customers into your marketing channels on a single day.

Did you know 75% of customers prefer to have special offers sent to them via text message? Furthermore, the click-through rate on these types of text messages is 10 times higher than other marketing channels, such as Facebook, and nearly five times higher than Google Adwords. ( Text marketing is not only an effective means of engagement, it is also simple and easy.

If you want to maximize the visibility and profitability of your business this holiday season, here are a few tips and tricks:


1. Make it easy to opt-in

Convince your customers that you are giving them something worth their time rather than positioning opting-in as a hassle or ploy for customer information. By advertising a discount code at the register – which requires a brief opt-in text – you will create an opportunity for your customers that is difficult to refuse. The key to gaining traction through opt-in text messages is to offer a high value reward at a low threshold.

2. Utilize your expanded customer database.

After opting-in your Small Business Saturday shoppers, it is important to strategically engage your new customer base. Through text marketing, you can blast promo codes and sale information to your entire customer base all at once. Additionally, you can send exclusive offers for events and products to a smaller subset of customers – perhaps those who have not made a purchase in the past three months, or those who spent over $100 in store and are likely to return with the right incentive. You can also utilize text marketing to offer sneak peaks to upcoming deals, events, or new products.

3. Communicate directly regarding customer service issues

If you really want to level up your business, you can go a step beyond the mass text blasts and engage personally with customers to provide unparalleled customer service. Customers are 64% more likely to perceive a business in a positive light when individuals representing the business have taken the initiative to directly communicate. (

Additionally, 50% of consumers prefer text messaging rather than phone calls for direct customer support and consumers, in general, are five times more likely to send and receive text messages than phone calls.

Mobilize US has a chat feature which allows you to message customers directly. Consumers can reach you by texting a pre-selected keyword to your specified number, which opens up the channel of communication for you to directly message them back so you can resolve all customer service issues effectively and efficiently – and in a way that your customer prefers!

4. Craft succinct and effective marketing texts

No matter what message you are sending, make sure it is relevant, succinct, and always ties back to your business. You can implement a link shortener (such as to direct customers back to your website or to another opt-in portal. In any case, always make sure that you include a call to action in your text blasts so your customer has a clearly directed next step.

Best of all – you do not have to wait around to learn these effective techniques. Get started today by signing up for a free tutorial!

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