With Black Friday right around the corner, it’s time to talk about how you can stand out this holiday season by cementing a rock-solid promotional strategy ahead of the shopping frenzy. 

While social media and email marketing are both still effective means of audience engagement, there is one form of digital marketing that stands out from the rest this year: the text message. Last year, mobile devices accounted for 67% of all digital traffic – an uptick of 6% from the same day in 2017 – and accounted for 49% of orders. 

This year, that statistic is expected to rise, positioning text message marketing as the most effective means of instantly engaging potential customers for all of your doorbuster specials. (https://www.salesforce.com/blog/2018/11/black-friday-holiday-flash-report.html)

Pre-Black Friday: Set up for Success

Ahead of Black Friday, there are several strategies you can implement to ensure you will be inundated with sales on the infamous holiday.

1. Make it easy to opt-in

Choose a keyword that best represents your business this holiday season and encourage current and potential customers to text your keyword to 94502. Share this opt-in keyword and text code on all your social media channels, in every email, and in all your Black Friday print marketing materials. In addition to texting this keyword, website visitors can also opt-in using a widget. These simple strategies enable you to bolster your sales funnel long before the sale has even begun.

2. Incentivize opt-ins with a discount code

Make your opt-in offer irresistible by offering a discount code for everyone who opts in. Lead with the discount offer and you are sure to lock in scores of potential customers. 

Example: Sign up for exclusive promotions and receive 10% off your purchase on Black Friday!

3. Generate Black Friday Buzz!

Everyone loves a good countdown. Some people are already counting down until Christmas! So why not generate more buzz around your sale by sending teaser countdown texts linking back to your screaming deals?

Example text: Two days til Black Friday! Here are some deals that will make you scream: www.storename.com

4. Send reminders of important information the day before the sale

On Thanksgiving day, remind your opt-in subscribers of any special information they will need to know for the sale. This includes your holiday hours, special deals, coupon information, and anything else they need to know prior to busting down the doors on Black Friday. 

On the morning of Black Friday, send another text reminding your subscribers of the special so they are incentivized to take advantage of your one-day-only deals!

post-Black Friday: follow up

Remember, the list you cultivated for Black Friday is valuable beyond this sale alone. You can utilize this list to build brand loyalty by offering coupons, promotions, and relevant content throughout the year. 

More immediately, you can utilize your text list to promote Cyber Monday deals and remind customers to order their gifts in time to ship for Christmas. You can also share other promotions throughout the year, send sales notifications, and blast out invites to exclusive in-store events. Additionally, you can send more specific opt-in texts to the list you generated for Black Friday for those who want more frequent updates.

So what are you waiting for? You can get started TODAY to guarantee scores of sales for Black Friday. Start planning your keyword and sign up today!



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