Now that you are already set up on our amazing texting platform, we want to let you in on a few secrets that will help you optimize this technology so you can connect with your intended audience while best benefitting your organization.

One of the easiest ways to leverage this texting tool is by using a combination of abbreviations and acronyms in order to stay under your word count while also maximizing the content of your text blasts.


  • ICYMI: In case you missed it
  • RN: Right now
  • EOD: End of day
  • FAQ: Frequently asked question
  • AKA: Also known as
  • ASAP: As soon as possible
  • DIY: Do it yourself
  • NP: No problem
  • N/A: Not applicable or not available
  • OOO: Out of office
  • TIA: Thanks in advance
  • TBA: to be announced


    • Txt – text

    • Msg – message

    • Dates
      • Mon, Tues, Wed, etc. instead of “Monday”

      • Instead of using a full month name + date, use 00/00/00 format
    • Nonletter characters
      • & – and
      • % – percent
      • X – times
      • + – more
      • Oxford comma
    • States
      • ex. CO – Colorado


How to incorporate text abbreviations

Often, the easiest way to communicate through text is by shortening common phrases. This is useful because it helps you stay under your character limit and is also easily digestible for your reader. The focus is on the message you are communicating rather than the words you are using to get your message across, which allows the content to land with your audience more easily.

Here are a few examples of how to incorporate abbreviations in a way that fits your message and sounds natural:

“ICYMI: Our online store is 25% off this weekend only. Don’t miss these huge savings!”

“Thank you for your order! Our team will be in touch about shipping details by EOD.”

“NP. Thank you so much for your inquiry.”

“While our launch date is TBA, today is the first day you can pre-order [product]. Hurry on over to our website and check it out!”

The most effective abbreviations are those which do not interrupt the thought you are sharing, but rather, enhance it. In addition to ensuring that your content flows smoothly, here are a few other tips to keep in mind.

1. Keep it professional.

Maintaining professionalism in your tone and word choice will determine how your text communication is received. Remember, even though it’s a text message, it is also content that represents you and your brand. Make sure the language you use and the tone in which you communicate best reflects who you are and what you are all about.


2. Stay away from outdated slang. 

Most of all, know your audience. If you are addressing a primarily millennial audience and incorporate numbers into your texting, they are probably going to think you are trying too hard. “Good 2 c u” or “Thx 4 being gr8!” both represent outdated lingo that is clunky and unprofessional. If you’re unsure of whether or not you may be using outdated slang, run it by a few of your team members of different generations, if possible. Their input may prove useful.


3. Use abbreviations sparingly. 

While useful in small doses, it is entirely possible to oversaturate your texts with abbreviations. The key is to make sure that your abbreviations are well-placed and that they add to your message rather than detracting from it. If it takes longer than normal to read or mentally process, you might be using too many abbreviations. Keep it simple and straightforward.

4. If necessary, selectively remove vowels. 

If you have incorporated acronyms, used them tastefully and sparingly, and still cannot stay under your character limit, you can resort to removing vowels – as long as your text is still understandable. For example, “txt” is commonly known as shorthand for “text” and “msg” for “message.” As long as the word still retains its meaning and is clear to your audience, shortening your words by removing vowels is A-okay.

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