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What does “MsgDataRatesMayApply” mean?

This general disclaimer must be on all initial text messages.
“MsgDataRatesMayApply” is a notice that advises your customers that their cell phone carrier may charge them (depending on the plan the customer has purchased) standard message rates and data charges to receive your text messages and to reply to them.

SMS Character Guide
SMS Character Guide

is my message optimized for sms? SMS texts are limited to a basic character set (GSM characters) and a maximum of 160 characters because of the way the text is encoded and transmitted. Certain special characters outside the GSM character set may still be sent and are...

What in the world is a keyword?!
What in the world is a keyword?!

Now that you are already set up on our amazing texting platform, we want to let you in on a few secrets that will help you optimize this technology so you can connect with your intended audience while best benefitting your organization.

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