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The great thing about our plans is that their is no contract. You can upgrade and downgrade your texting plan to better meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


WHat in the world is a keyword?

Magic. No, really. A keyword is a chosen set of characters (letters and/or numbers) that is unique to you and allows you to communicate with people via short code (94502). MobilizeUS is equipped with tons of keywords – both premium and account specific keywords.

The basic idea is that a person texts your keyword to 94502 (the short code), and they are automatically added to your contact list!

Example: Text WOW to 94502 – WOW is the keyword!

Do I need to sign a contract?

No! for all of our plans available on this website, a month to month billing cycle is all you have to commit to!

How do i sign-up to start texting?

Sign-up is quick and painless and can be done in less than 5 minutes! First, click here, then choose your plan, enter your payment and details, and start texting!

Can i send a text without wifi?

Yes! You can initiate a text form any phone, all you need is your keyword and service to send (usually only one bar is enough)!

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